A good example of "necessity is the mother of invention".

In my previous life I was a Commercial Property Manager at a boutique company with half a million square feet of mixed use buildings in my portfolio. This experience taught me so much about creating positive visibility for both potential tenants as well as the customers those tenants served.

Once the Management business slowed due to the economy I found an opportunity to take care of those tenants another way. They were struggling to get customers through their doors and had little signage to do it. I bought a machine and learned how to use it. I was then able to get them the signage they needed to get more customers in the door.    

Moving to NYC has created more adventures but not slowed down the sign business. It was as easy as unplugging in L.A. and replugging in NYC. Although it was interesting as I arrived 1 day before Hurricane Sandy. 

When I tell someone that I make signs for a living they automatically assume that I farm out the manufacturing portion out to a larger company. They are always surprised to hear that 100% of the process from design, communication, sign making and shipping all happen with my two hands in NYC. Once in a while when the orders are great I hire associates to help out with the process.

I love working with my customers from all over the world to help them create the experience they want for THEIR customers.

Hopefully you will give me a chance to work with you.

To see samples of previous work please look here on this site under Gallery and my blog page. 

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